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Welcome to the Exporo Tech Team. More than 25 different personalities from different countries, from back-end and front-end developers to data managers, work here daily to revolutionise the finance and real estate markets and to develop new, efficient and innovative digital products.

Bond processes and payment processes will change fundamentally over the next few years and we want to be actively involved in shaping this development by stretching regulations for banks, payments and taxes to their very limits. We have just introduced a fully digitalised token-based security which takes us a big step closer to our goal.

What is behind it all: We are swapping part of the banking infrastructure, which has existed for decades, for an efficient and transparent system for carrying out finance transactions. In order to do this we use Ethereum blockchain technology.

This new technology enables us to carry out securities transactions in less than one minute in a regulated environment without any point of contact with banking infrastructure.

We draw inspiration again and again from new ideas and every day we strive to gain a technical edge over our competitors while at the same time remembering our slogan – the simpler, the better.

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In order to achieve our objectives we develop a network of independent applications which can be linked with each other. All of these applications are unlimited and each one is developed, hosted and maintained independently of the others. We aim to develop reusable components in order to meet today’s constantly changing requirements.

Our developers who are building up this application network work in small agile teams which in some cases are spread throughout Europe.

Apart from technical progress they aim to acquire a deeper understanding of our business process so as to achieve technically driven product development.

Most applications use native AWS stacks which are quickly set up and contain new, powerful and easily scalable solutions. We mainly use AWS ECS Fargate clusters or TypeScript AWS lambda functions combined with AWS Step Functions. Our infrastructure is operated and developed more and more by a cloud- specific mindset.

What we develop

Web App

The core of our platform consists of a JS app for the investment process that can be embedded into almost any website.

Platform for digital real estate investment

In small, agile teams we are continually further developing our leading platform for digital real estate investments.


We are developing an internal application called Immotool for real estate due diligence, contracts and reporting.

Partner programme

Our partner programme is our own partner system for settling commission for our online and offline partners.

Capital income tax

We are developing our own application for capital income tax deduction.

Core engine

Our core engine can process investments in line with various financial rules.

Payment Service

Rather than use external payment service providers we use our own software, which is based on the EBICS protocol.

Blockchain technology

We use blockchain technology in order to digitalise real estate investments disruptively.

What we love even more than beautiful code is designing new products on the regulated market which are driven by creativity and technology.

David Werner and Henrik Lippke Head of Engineering and Head of Tech, Exporo

Our tech stack

In most cases we use a dockerized laravel running on ECS Fargate clusters or TypeScript, which runs in a Function as a Service environment. Our infrastructure is more and more operated and developed with a cloud native mindset.
  • Asana


  • Confluence


  • AWS


  • AWS Cloudformation

    AWS Cloudformation

  • AWS Cognito

    AWS Cognito

  • AWS Lambda

    AWS Lambda

  • Bitbucket


  • Circle Ci

    Circle Ci

  • CodeShip


  • Contentful


  • Forestry


  • Git


  • Javascript


  • Laravel


  • New Relic

    New Relic

  • Node JS

    Node JS

  • Phyton


  • Sass


  • Sentry


  • Slack


  • Typescript


  • Vue.JS


Agile Mindset

We approach problems in flat hierarchies and solve them together as a team. All of our colleagues work autonomously and can, for instance, decide which programmes, tools or hardware they wish to use, no matter whether they are Windows users or Mac specialists. When working we stay in constant contact with our Product Owner so as to deliver a perfect final result.


We love variety! Our team is a colourful mixture made up of many nationalities: varying mentalities , cultures and personalities enable us to work together internationally and achieve top performances. Our diversity is a valuable factor, not only for our team but also for introducing new perspectives in developing products and features and so helps us to offer our clients the best possible investment experience on the Internet.


Depending on which task we are dealing with or which feature we want to develop we form new teams. We enable every developer to alternate between teams, to specialise, to seize opportunities and to put their own ideas into practice. Our dynamic team structures make many things possible and ensure that habits have no room in our daily work.


“Don’t deliver a product – deliver an experience.”

Our developers follow this creed to develop even better solutions, based on the latest standards in technology, day after day for our clients. Creative exchange with each other is crucial here. Everyone is united by their passion for experimenting and learning: with the overriding objective of improving a little every day.


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